Don’t Take the Wile E Coyote Approach to Your Business

See L&I Small Business Liaison Aaron Hoffman’s advice here regarding your complying with independent contractor laws and other regulatory compliance. Assuming you’re old enough to remember Wile E Coyote, Mr. advises not to take the reckless Wile E Coyote approach to your business.  In his and my experience, too many businesses do. It’s a well-written piece with very good, practical advice. One principle — the original Principle #3 — did not make the cut in the original blog post, but here it is:

Principle #3 – You will be fine in the next scene. Regardless of what disaster befell Wiley E Coyote, he was always fine in the next scene. What happens when you get behind on your workers’ comp premiums and other state assessments? Sometimes our small business customers tell us that they will file bankruptcy, get the debt wiped out, and then start over – they will be fine in the next scene.

The reality is that you can’t bankruptcy your way out of state taxes, including workers’ comp premiums. Tax judgments can harm your credit and negatively impact your business and personal finances. A better strategy is to be proactive and work with a revenue agent on a payment plan. 

A special thank you to Mr. Hoffman for sharing the article.



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