1099 Review

A New Independent Contractor Risk Assessment Tool!

Hiring Contractors Is Risky Business.

Independent contractor laws can present a compliance nightmare. These laws are strict, vary by agency, and subject businesses to a patchwork of legal requirements that are difficult to understand. As a result, many businesses that hire independent contractors are out of compliance and just an audit or lawsuit away from substantial fines and other serious legal consequences.

1099 Review™ Can Help.

1099 Review™ is a robust online independent contractor risk assessment tool and resource center designed to help you evaluate your independent contractor practices and risks, and make preliminary assessments as to whether your practices comply with Washington State’s independent contractor tests. The tool, originally developed to help Mercer Law PLLC clients understand their compliance obligations and identify risks, works by:
  1. Walking users through detailed questions queued to each part of Washington State’s benchmark independent contractor test;
  2. Comparing users’ responses to preferred practices; and
  3. Providing users with a detailed report on compliance risks, including areas of high risk.
Don’t let an audit, investigation or lawsuit catch you by surprise, and unprepared. Take the 1099 Review™ assessment to help identify and reduce your risks.

Subscribe to 1099 Review™.

1099 Review™ is available via online subscription. As a subscriber, you will receive a one-year subscription and be able to:
  • Conduct a full assessment (more than 80 questions) of your business’s independent contractor practices, or contemplated practices, and review a detailed report on your risks, including any areas of high risk.
  • Retake the assessment throughout the year as practices change, or as new ventures are considered.
  • Access an array of independent contractor information resources to better understand and manage compliance obligations. Resources include overviews of applicable independent contractor tests, checklists for properly drafted contracts, best practices for hiring contractors, guidance on preparing for audits, and more.
  • Access new content and resources as 1099 Review™ is updated and supplemented.
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