1099 Review Released!

Do you have questions about your independent contractor practices, and how you could fare if your business was audited? Ever wished there was an online tool to help you better understand and manage your contractor practices, and identify contractor practices that put your business at risk?

Mercer Law PLLC is pleased to announce the release of 1099 Review™ — a new online independent contractor risk assessment tool and resource center for Washington businesses. 1099 Review™ is the only tool of its kind in Washington State, and unique in the nation.

The 1099 Review™ Assessment Tool is queued to Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ independent contractor test, and is designed to help guide business owners, accountants and attorneys through a detailed preliminary assessment of their independent contractor practices and risks. The assessment includes more than 80 questions pertaining to the L&I test (and to IC practices, generally), and provides a detailed report to users about practices that place their business at risk. The 1099 Review™ Resource Center provides a compilation of original materials and other resources to help businesses understand, manage and improve their contractor practices. Resources include overviews of applicable tests, best practices, checklists, information on preparing for audits, and more.

1099 Review™ is available via online subscription. Early reviews have been very good!

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